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Lights, camera, action! Give the gift of an unforgettable movie night with our spectacular Movie Night Basket. Perfect for any occasion, this carefully curated selection will bring joy and excitement to your loved ones.

Indulge in the ultimate cinematic experience with our delightful treats, including a Popcorn Bucket for that authentic theater feel. Sink your teeth into the luscious Movie Night Milk Chocolate Bar and savor the juicy Autumns Sugar Shack Watermelon Slices.

We've added a special touch with the aromatic Lumberjack Coffee to keep you energized throughout the night. And for those savory cravings, enjoy the irresistible Honey Roasted Cashews Snack Bag. Let's not forget an exquisite Lindt Milk Chocolate Bar, because every movie night needs a touch of luxury.

To top it all off, we've included Microwavable Popcorn on The Cob for a fun and interactive movie-watching experience.

Whether it's cheering up a friend or celebrating a special occasion, our Movie Night Gift Basket is sure to create lasting memories. So grab your favorite film, get cozy on the couch, and let our basket elevate your movie nights to new heights!


Paperboard Popcorn Bucket- Elevate your movie night experience with our stylish Paperboard Popcorn Bucket. Designed to add a elegance to their movie night.

Caramel Popcorn Milk Chocolate Bar- Indulge in the ultimate treat for movie enthusiasts with our Movie Night Milk Chocolate Bar by Alicja Confections. This delectable creation combines the smoothness of milk chocolate with the irresistible crunch of caramel popcorn. Experience the perfect balance of flavors that will transport you straight to your favorite theater. Whether they are enjoying a quiet night in or hosting a movie marathon, our carefully crafted chocolate bar is sure to elevate your movie night experience and satisfy your sweet tooth. Get ready to munch, savor, and immerse yourself in pure chocolatey bliss. Lights, camera, action!

Watermelon Slices- Indulge in pure bliss with Autumn's Sugar Shack Candied Watermelon Slices! Experience the perfect balance of sweetness and juiciness with every bite. Our mouthwatering watermelon slices are lovingly dipped in a delicate sugar coating, creating a truly irresistible treat that will satisfy all your sweet cravings.

Lumberjack Coffee by Muskoka Roasters- Calling all coffee lovers and movie enthusiasts! Experience the rustic charm of Muskoka, Ontario with every sip of its Lumberjack Coffee. Sourced from the finest beans and freshly roasted to perfection, Muskoka Roastery coffee delivers a rich and invigorating flavor that will transport you to a cozy cabin in the wilderness. Whether you're curled up on a rainy day or indulging in a movie marathon, Lumberjack Coffee is your perfect companion. Embrace the warmth and aroma of our brew and elevate your coffee experience to new heights.

Honey Roasted Cashews by Zach Brown Nuthouse- Elevate their movie night experience with our irresistible Honey Roasted Cashews. Indulge in the perfect combination of sweetness and crunch that will take your taste buds on a delicious adventure. These delectable treats are coated with a mouthwatering honey glaze, adding a delightful twist to your popcorn companion. Whether their enjoying a comedy, thriller, or romance, these candied nuts will elevate their movie night to new heights of flavor and enjoyment. Savor the ultimate movie snack experience.

Lindor Milk Chocolate Tablet Bar- Indulge in ultimate chocolate bliss with Lindor Milk Chocolate Bar - the perfect companion for their movie nights. Crafted with the finest ingredients, each bar promises a rich and creamy taste that will melt your heart. Elevate their movie-watching experience with Lindor's irresistible milk chocolate and make every scene sweeter - one bite at a time.

Peterson Farms Microwavable Popcorn on The Cob- Get ready to pop in style with Peterson Family Farms Microwavable Popcorn on the cob! This innovative and delightful snack is not your ordinary popcorn. With its unique "pop-on-the-cob" variety, it brings a whole new level of fun and flavor to your popcorn experience.

Whether you prefer the convenience of a microwave or the traditional stovetop skillet method, this popcorn is a breeze to prepare. Just follow the simple instructions included in each package and you'll be enjoying a delicious batch of fluffy popcorn in no time.

But it doesn't stop there - this is not just your average popcorn. Peterson Family Farms takes it up a notch by providing you with two cobs and two popping bags in each package. That means you can indulge in multiple servings of this delectable treat.

Want to elevate your popcorn game even further? Pair it with some flaky sea salts, fresh herbs, or drizzle some olive oil for a gourmet twist. The possibilities are endless!

Each cob yields approximately 5 cups of popped popcorn, ensuring that there's plenty to share or savor all to yourself. Whether they are hosting a movie night, preparing a charcuterie board, or simply craving a tasty snack, Peterson Family Farms Microwavable Popcorn on the cob has got you covered.

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Very pleased in every aspect with the product & service

The recipient was very pleased with the basket’s assortment of goodies. Quite delighted in fact. From my perspective as the buyer, I must commend the customer service department. They caught an error I made when filling in the delivery address, called me for clarification and corrected the issue with UPS. So the basket was delivered on time for which I’m very grateful.
Posted by Laura Squissato, 2024 Jan 24th