The Finished Product

Many of our customers ask us how we do it all? What kind of ribbon do we use, is the gift wrapped in a bag, does it include a gift card-or is it just a delivery tag. We have all the answers for you below.

How we get the finished product to your recipient

Once you place your order with Whata Basket, one of our basket designers will custom make your basket to order! That’s right; your basket is not sitting on some warehouse shelf for months, waiting for an order. This means you have the ability to add additional items such as chocolates, wine and savory products. In fact many of our carefully selected items come from small bakeries, artisanal shops, chocolatiers, and sweet shops throughout the country. We use fresh product, and receive many deliveries on a weekly basis.

Once the basket design is complete, it moves over to our finishing team. Our specialized team will enclose your gift in a clear cello gift bag, and tape your gift very tightly so it has that polished look! We take pride in having a pristine product since it is our brand and YOUR brand on the gift.

Our last step is to make two satin bows by hand, while choosing the correct colors for both the theme of the basket, and the season.

Our customer support team will then enclose your gift message on one of our complementary linen finished gift cards (yes, we use real old fashioned gift cards). Once we complete all these steps for you, we then arrange for shipment with one of our carriers, to arrive on your desired delivery date.

In case you’re wondering, we do this all in one day as we are experts! We became famous because we have always paid close detail to our finished product. We will guarantee you that your gift won’t arrive thrown in a gift basket bag, barely tapered and finished off with a very cheap looking pull bow. We will always take the extra time to finish off your expensive arrangement.

*During the Holiday Season all gifts include a Festive Spray and, an additional festive sheer ribbon.

We hope this information provides you with the details that you are looking for. If not please do not hesitate to call us!

The Whata Basket Team



Will be made when necessary of equal or greater value. Large corporate orders are recommended in November to avoid subs.