Whata Basket-How We Differ From Other Gift Companies

With less than a month away until Christmas we thought it was the perfect time to share a little more about us! We've been in business for over 16 years and have become Canada's leading boutique gift purveyor. Our team is dedicated to quality gifts to leave your recipient with the utmost lasting impression. 

We were the first gifting company to introduce in house brands to offer both our customers and recipients the freshest ingredients at a great price. Since then, this practice has been adopted by other leading gift companies. We soon will be transitioning to the Gift Co. Offering you an abundance of our in house brands totaling 8, growing to over 12 brands in 2023. 

We are grateful to have all the dedicated loyal staff we have. Many of our staff have been with us nearing a decade, and have much pride in quality and innovation, while reducing our carbon foot print! 

We pride our business model on boutique gifting, rather than factory assembly! What does this mean? Well we do not make any gifts in advance. There is a huge cost to this process, as operationally you are moving the finished product around quite a bit, hence increases the cost of our products to our customers. Most importantly, its really hard to advertise a fresh product when its been sitting on a warehouse shelf for months and months. Under our product label Zach Brown Nut House & Autumns Sugar shack, these products are received daily and packed daily. This means, when your recipient is receiving their gifts, their packaged confections are just days old. Not months old! We are passionate about delivering the freshest ingredients possible. After all, we want you to leave a lasting impression.

We will guarantee our gifts will leave your recipient with that personal touch you have been seeking. On all our product pages you have the option to add a hand written card, add personalized ribbon, their favorite wine, an beautifully scented candle from our brand Kensington Candle Co., and so much more! 

Our guarantee to you is your gift is only made when ordered. We are committed to offering the freshest perishables in the maket when it comes to gift giving!