The History of the housewarming Gift

The history of the housewarming gift…

There is no surprise that sending a housewarming gift basket to the new homeowner is your safest bet. Most homes have 2 or more individuals and the eclectic assortments of our gift baskets allow for everyone on your list to be pleasantly surprised. In addition, you have the option of adding many additional items to our housewarming gift baskets, such as chocolates, blankets, wine and much more. Below is some history on the symbolism and meanings of the housewarming gift.

§Bread: “So that this house may never know hunger”…or…”So your cupboards will always be full”

§Salt: Given with the message “That life may always have flavor”, can also represent added luxury or flavor to life

§Sugar: Means “So your life shall always have sweetness”

§Wine: Symbolizes the hope “That joy and prosperity may reign forever”…or…”That your family will never be thirsty”…or…”So you will always be of good cheer”

§Honey: “So that you may always enjoy the sweetness of life”

§Broom: “So your home may always be clean” or “To help sweep away any evil and bad luck”

§Coin: “So you may dwell in good fortune”

§Candle: “So that this house will always have light” or “So you may dwell in light and happiness”

§Olive Oil: “May you be blessed with health and well being” or “For a full lamp so that you may always have light in the home”

§Wood: “May your home have stability and peace”

§Houseplant: “May your home always have life”