Letter From Santa Claus


My Dearest Child’s Name,

When my elves pointed to your name on my Naughty and Nice list, I became quite merry. You see, you have received an outstanding number of gold stars for kindness, consideration and helpfulness this year. I was also told by the Elves that you have child’s good behavior facts (chores, etc.) This is great news, and I’m very proud of you. I know you requested a wish list itemfor Christmas…that’s a pretty big order, but I’ll see what I can do. In the meantime, if you can continue to behavior improvements, I might just be able to put wish list item in my sack for you.

My visit to your home in Child’s City & Country is at the top of my schedule, so remember to be fast asleep in your bed early on Christmas Eve. By the way, I'd love more of those chocolate chip cookies. They were delicious! Mrs. Claus would be jealous.

There's lots to be done up here. The reindeer need new bells for their harnesses, the ribbon-curling machine needs oil...oh, the list is endless.

Letter from North Pole comes personalized and sealed in a Red Envelope stamped North Pole Air Mail Delivery, and sealed with a waxed stamp. A $1 postage charge will be applied for the shipping fee at checkout.

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